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Wisdom Healing Qigong is for Everyone

Qigong for Beginners is a course that is designed for everyone - no matter your age, level of practice, or experience.

Haola! Welcome back to your exploration of Wisdom Healing Qigong with me, Master Mingtong Gu.

What You’ve Learned So Far

So in our other videos and communications, you’ve learned what Wisdom Healing Qigong is. It’s an ancient technology of energy healing, with effective positive outcomes that are acknowledged by modern medical science. By practicing the gentle movement, visualization, sound and breathing practices, and conscious intention of Wisdom Healing Qigong you reintegrate your body and mind, reconnecting your energies, and that reconnects you with your own healing capacity to practice this energetic self-care and self-healing of your mind, body, and heart.

And you’ve learned that the secret of Wisdom Healing Qigong is that everything we experience is energy, everything we are is energy, called chi. So by learning to nurture that energy, release blockages and let it flow, we can affect every aspect of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual existence. The ultimate cause of all illness, especially chronic disease, is stress. Qigong releases that stress so that you can finally relax and heal.

You’ve also seen a lot of information about the many proven benefits of Wisdom Healing Qigong: more energy leads to better health and has powerful healing effects; more energy lifts you up to greater happiness; more energy creates more abundance in your life.

Scientific Evidence of Qigong’s Benefits

Many scientific studies have reached the same conclusion: this kind of integrated, holistic mind-body practice can empower you to heal yourself, and it can also empower you to live a more joyful, vibrant life every day.

Modern neuroscience has confirmed that your brain can change its physical structure and function throughout your lifetime, according to what you focus on, and what you do repeatedly.

Experiments on specific aspects of Qigong’s healing effects have measured the biological results of Qigong practice, and tested the data to determine statistical confidence. Studies and evidence reviews by the Harvard Medical School, Tufts University and others show that consistent practice of holistic mind-body therapies like Wisdom Healing Qigong improves the symptoms of a wide range of medical challenges, such as neurological conditions, autoimmune illness, cancer, chronic pain and fatigue, depression and anxiety. It can even influence gene expression, improve your overall state of health, and give you a better quality of life.

The data from hundreds of our Chi Center healing retreat students was scored by an outside research organization, and demonstrated that 94% of retreat participants improved in terms of wellbeing and distress levels including depression and anxiety.

And the individual healing stories you’ve heard from our students say the same thing in their own words - Wisdom Healing Qigong works, and it can change your life.

How to Benefit Yourself and How to Learn Effectively

The first step is to find a truly knowledgeable expert who you respect and trust, to teach you the principles and practices of Wisdom Healing Qigong. And I know that finding an expert like this in your local area may not be easy - there isn’t a Wisdom Healing Qigong Master on every block in every town, at least not yet!

That’s why my team and I have developed an online program that you can use at any time, from anywhere in the world, to help you get started and maintain a consistent practice of Qigong. This online program is energetically as powerful as practicing together in person - working together online, we access the deep healing wisdom and that energy is then shared with you, no matter where you are. So whenever you're listening, whenever you're watching, whenever you're practicing, you're accessing that energy.

Through the technology of the internet, you’ll learn and embody this integrative approach of healing the mind, body, heart and spirit, and the key practices of movement, sound and visualization. And we’ll be doing this together. The technology gives us a greater capacity to access the wisdom healing energies when we're connecting together in the chi field.

In our Qigong for Beginners online course, you will learn Wisdom Healing Qigong including; energy healing principles, foundational movements, sound healing for your organs, meditation to connect with universal energy, and other inner practices that awaken the energy medicine within you.

Qigong for Beginners is a course that is designed for everyone - no matter your age, level of practice, or experience.  Anyone can do it simply by following along with the training videos. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or brand new to Qigong, there are teachings and practice that you will learn to help you ac-cel-erate your healing journey and desire to experience life to the fullest with more energy and vitality.

Every time you practice as part of this wider online community, you're awakening the capacity inside you to go beyond your own personal limitations. So that is the continuous contribution of healing not only for yourself but for the community, for global healing, for life on the planet Earth. And that is the spirit of Qigong.

How to Realize Your Dream

What would you do to double your health and vitality? What would you do to double your happiness? What would you do to double your energy?

Or maybe the better question to ask is, what have you already tried? What have you already done to try to realize those goals, and did it work for you?

Maybe you’ve tried a special diet, or exercise. Maybe you’re already on a drug treatment protocol, or other medical treatments. Maybe you’ve tried a whole collection of different therapies, and some of them may have helped in some way… but if you are not tapping into the power of your mind and power of energy, you will miss the target and you won’t see the full results that you could achieve.

What is the reason for your fear of tapping into your true potential? Do you worry that you don’t have enough time, money or confidence to learn Qigong and to heal yourself?

The truth is, Qigong is not a quick fix, but it IS an experience and discovery of your true power and potential. This online course will give you a jump start with direct experience of increased energy, more vitality and greater joy - and you can get those results from only a very small investment of money and time.

Try it for yourself to discover Wisdom Healing Qigong’s true potential, the healing benefits that millions of students and practitioners have discovered throughout history and continue to enjoy today. Now it’s available at your fingertips, made easy for you, and made affordable.  So join the Qigong for Beginners Course today to access all this online teaching and practice, for you to enjoy and benefit by starting now. 

What's Included?

9 Training Videos + Pdfs to assist you in beginning and advancing your Qigong Practice

The Principles and Practice of Qigong

In this video you will learn the 5 principles of Wisdom Healing Qigong along with learning  and beginning the Heaven and Earth Qigong Movement Energy Pract


Learn the 3 initial steps to healing and learn the Haola Qigong Sound Healing practice starting at minute 24:13 in this video.

Healing Stress

Stress is one of the main causes of all dis-ease, and in this training video Master Mingtong shares how to prevent and overcome stress along with learning the Inner Smile practice at minute 19:39 to help your mind, body and emotions heal. 

Spinal Bone Marrow - Part 1

In this energetic movement to open your physical body, release tension and stress, and open the energy flow you connect with the energy inside of you and increase your capacity to awaken the energy and communicate with the deeper dimensions of yourself.  

Spinal Bone Marrow - Part 2

The spinal bone marrow practice with chanting Haola and the Inner Smile. 

Awakening the Energy of the Hips

In this practice you will learn the Hip Rotation for releasing emotional energy and awakening sexual energy and healing energy in the hips. 

Hip Rotations - Part 2

Awakening the power of regeneration inside of you. 

Sound Healing: The 5 Organ System

Tapping into the energy of mind, body and heart while going deeper into the energy of the organ system through the practice of sound healing. 

Disclaimer: Please consult your healthcare professional before beginning any wellness program.  This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, or be a substitute for professional medical advice.  


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