How to Choose Your First Course

If you’re brand new to Wisdom Healing Qigong, Master Mingtong’s general recommendation is to start with the Awaken Vitality Method, then progress to Sound Healing Technologies, and then finish out your beginning year with the Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down Method. Here is a brief overview of all 4 beginning courses:

  • Awaken Vitality focuses on opening the energy flow throughout your physical spine and entire body
  • Sound Healing helps you awaken the energy in your organs and heal emotionally
  • Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down supports you to integrate internal and external chi throughout your entire system
  • Awakening Through Pure Consciousness is a course that supports spiritual connection and awakening through embodied practices.

In every course, Master Mingtong guides you through each movement, visualization, sound, and meditation. As you begin your own daily practice, your ability and capacity will increase gradually and steadily.

You cannot make a mistake in choosing. Healing and awakening are inseparable, essentially two sides of the same coin. No matter where you start, each practice is important and ultimately supports and integrates with all the others.

Awaken Vitality Method

Energize the life-force within:

Open Up a New Level of Energy!

The Awaken Vitality practices are easy to learn, a joy to practice, and once learned, can provide lifelong benefits.

How can the Awaken Vitality Method revitalize your health? Through these mindful Qigong movements and meditations, you will begin to discover your true potential for vitality – no matter your age, life challenges or health condition.

On a physical level, these gentle movements develop core strength, muscular and spinal flexibility, improving both posture and endurance.

On an energetic level, they enhance energy flow throughout the spine, brain and entire body, awakening vitality, creativity, and alertness.

Awakening Vitality Courses advance from Beginning, to Intermediate, and Advanced levels. As you continue your membership, all the courses present the practice, technology, and more expansive cosmology of Wisdom Healing Qigong in a progressive nature. All practices are designed to maximize your potential to embody, transform, and deeply benefit your wellbeing!

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Sound Healing

Clear emotional blocks:

Feel the Vibration and
Embrace Happiness!

Discover the power of sound to transform and heal emotions through Wisdom Healing Qigong’s profound Sound Healing technologies.

Energetic blockages can form from cellular memories stored in our bodies’ organs. You’ll learn how vibration affects the body, mind, and emotions, and how you can consciously cultivate positive emotional experiences.

In this program you will learn how to make the 15 different sounds of the Five-Organ Integrative Sound Healing with your own voice. No instruments, nor the ability to sing are required. You connect the sounds you learn with your internal organs to create inner harmony and joy.

You will begin to repattern your mental and emotional habits, and connect with the Haola frequency of “All is Well.”

Transform your emotions. Cultivate health in your internal organs. Emotions transform from hatred into love, fear into mindfulness, worry into equanimity, anger into courage, and grief into compassion.

Via the Transformative Cycle, we address the energetics of each organ system. Learn about tongue position; tone, speed, and intention for different sounds; physical, emotional and mental/spiritual dimensions of sound; and the stages of Sound Healing.

Awaken through sound. As you continue to go deeper — through a combination of teaching, practice, and visualization — you expand your consciousness by experiencing vibration as the key to energetic awareness and healing.

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Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down

Work with source energy:

Cultivate More Energy for
Your Life!

Flow with energy! With the Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down Method, you learn to connect with the abundant energy flow of the universe and absorb that energy and wisdom deep within you. Cultivating your awareness as you activate this vital energetic exchange, you create internal and external harmony, balance and renewal while experiencing a deep connection with the life inside and all around you.

As you progress through the course levels, going into more detail in each sequence of the practice, you deepen your experience and understanding of The Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down Method. Focusing on the energetic flow between your internal and external universes, you develop the initiative power of your mind and expand your capacity for visualization. Ultimately, you learn to use your mind to direct energy, opening to the infinite potential available in every cell and every movement.

Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down Courses advance from Beginning, to Intermediate, and Advanced levels. As you continue your Qigong for Life Mastery membership you will study topics such as Integrative Oneness Theory, internal and external integration, accessing Hun Yuan Chi, cultivation of Healing Mind, and Shenji Palace opening practices.

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Awaken Through Pure Consciousness

Discover Your True Nature:

Open Your Heart, Connect To Essence,
and Heal Through Pure Consciousness!

Through the Pure Consciousness Teaching and Practice, you will experience and realize true wisdom, joy, freedom and health while releasing stress and exhaustion, low energy, worry, and blocked creativity and overwhelm.

Pure Consciousness teachings are the foundation of a progressive system that includes all elements: understanding, transmission, and practice; sacred sound and quiet meditation; individual energy and the collective energy generated by the chi field effect. It is a profoundly transformative process unique to Wisdom Healing Qigong.

It is unique in holding embodiment as a goal, as opposed to transcendence. In Wisdom Healing Qigong, awakening the mind and healing the body are not separate actions; they are interconnected and each supports the other. This makes Pure Consciousness practices suitable for direct, embodied physical healing, mental, emotional, and spiritual empowerment, awakening our inherent “paranormal or multi-dimensional” abilities, including healing capacities; and can free us to experience and embody enlightenment and autonomy.

Join the Qigong for Life Mastery Community for Only $97/Month
- OR - SAVE MORE with 1 Annual Payment of only $970

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